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Volvo is on a journey of electrification. The brand claims its whole passenger vehicle and SUV line-up will be fully-electric by 2030. It currently offers petrol and electric versions of small-size Volvo XC40 and petrol/hybrid versions of mid-size Volvo XC60 and large-size Volvo XC90 SUVs.

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$ 74,990 - $ 82,490* MRLP


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$ 65,990 - $ 65,990* MRLP

V60 Cross Country

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$ 68,490 - $ 68,490* MRLP


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$ 52,990 - $ 79,490* MRLP


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$ 72,990 - $ 100,990* MRLP


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$ 92,990 - $ 121,990* MRLP
2023 Volvo C40 Recharge review: Australian first drive
Launch Review | 26 Oct 2022


Volvo's first dedicated electric vehicle has hit our local market in the form of the sleek C40 Recharge.
2022 Volvo XC90 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid review
Review | 7 Sep 2022


We take a drive in the impressive XC90 Recharge now, in the twilight of its career ahead of an all-new XC90 in 2023.
2022 Volvo XC60 Recharge PHEV review
Review | 3 Aug 2022


The 2022 Volvo XC60 Recharge is a plug-in hybrid medium luxury SUV that offers the best of electric cars and petrol cars together.

2022 Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric video reviewPlayIconRounded
Video Review | 13 Jul 2022


Volvo is on a mission to be a fully-electric car company by 2030, and the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric takes the first big step.
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The global boss of Volvo claims petrol and electric cars could reach 'price parity' in 2025 or 2026 – in time for the brand's plan to go electric-only in Australia in 2026.

Game on! 2024 Volvo EX90 infotainment powered by computer game
news | 13 Nov 2022
Volvo's new in-car software is powered by the same technology as the Fortnite computer game.

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2019 Volvo S60 T8 R-Design: owner review
Owner Review | 22 Feb 2022
There is no other car with a supercharger, turbocharger, and electric motor in one package!Owner: Lawrence Tay
2019 Volvo S60 T8 R-Design: owner review
Owner Review | 4 Oct 2021
There is no other car on the market (as stock) that comes with a supercharger, turbocharger, and electric motor, all put into one performance-orientated package that brings together sportiness, comfort, and economy.Owner: Lawrence Tay
2021 Volvo Xc60 T8 Phev Polestar (AWD): owner review
Owner Review | 24 Feb 2021
There is no getting away from the fact a Volvo XC60 Polestar is not a cheap car. However, having made the decision to spend the money it is hard to think of many other vehicles on the Australian market that offer the same level and balance of performance, comfort and economy in the real world. This is an relatively early review but after a few thousand km of mixed city and highway driving we are averaging under 5l per 100km and yet have the just over 5 sec to 100kph performance available whenever you wish to use it. The most impressive thing of all in the Hybrid drivetrain is the totally seamless nature of the way it all functions. People don't believe it until they drive it. The interior is simply a comfortable classy place to be with outstanding seats, incredible quietness and top shelf finishes. Some reviews have complained about the firm ride however we find it comfortable and very well damped with the adjustable Ohlins set up in "standard setting". The handling is not Porsche level however is more than capable of dealing with anything we (or I would suggest virtually all owners) are likely to actually use. The steering weighting is adjustable however we find the medium setting to be a good balance for ease around town and highway accuracy. The various safety systems are what you would expect in a Volvo while the Pilot Assist Autonomous Driving is nothing short of amazing on long drives. The Sensus system has been easy to get used to with the only issue being the sheer breadth and depth of systems available. The Bowers and Wilkins sound system is the best I have ever heard in a car bar none. If I had a gripe it would be the fiddly key set up with only one 'master key" which is a bit clunky and harder than it should be. We think the SUV looks great and we get lots of positive comments from others about the appearance. We also kind of like that they are not common. The 5 year warranty (& we got 3 years free servicing) sweeten the price a little bit too. So my summary would be that if you can take a breath and pay close to 100 for a Volvo you might think it is actually not bad value particularly if you are looking for a longer ownership proposition. All in all we are very happy with the car so far.

2015 Volvo V40 T4 Luxury: owner review
Owner Review | 2 Sep 2020
The Volvo V40 with the 5 cylinder 2.0l petrol engine is a fantastic car with a few anoying design issues that you are likley to buy with your heart rather than your head. The pros (for 2015my) are, great styling, very safe and feature packed, reliable, powerful enough & most of all a high level of saftey tech. The cons are, bad turning circle, not so comfortable supension, and a tight cabin. The performance from the 2.0l 5cylinder is at 6.9l/100 on a fairly easy run from Melbourne to Albury & back, otherwise travel in and around the suburbs is 9.3l/100, in normal driving, not sure how the published data is much lower for the suburbs, maybe lots of down hill driving?? The comfort level is supurb so long as you are on a smooth surface, otherwise a little to firm, however the luxury feel of being behind the wheel is something on an other level, good quality trim and finishes that appear to be well built & fairly timeless, in my opinion. The thing that is difficult to expalin is the way it makes me feel when im driving it, It just puts a smile on my face & believe it or not, for the all the Volvo critics, the V40 is a sharp drive that urges you to push a little harder. We took up the Polestar ECU enhancement pakage, which added a few extra kw's, now at 167kw, funnaly the torque remained the same at 300nm, Still nice smooth power. Polestar claim greated accelleration for safer overtaking whilst maintaing no change to the fuel economy. Dont believe it, when you get on the throttle, the fuel consumption is well into double digits, My wife always asks me why the car has a chemical smell when i drive it, I simply change the subject. From a technology point of view, it is up there with the latestred tech with self parking, lane assist/correction, adaptive cruise control, auto hi beams, turning lights, automatic emergeny braking, blind spot alert, cross traffic alert, lots of airbags & side impact protection. At the time of our new purchase it was rated the highest in saftey ratings. We have owned the car since new & have had no trouble at all. The improvements that i would like to see would be a better turning circle, an option for smoother suspension and better interior packaging , buy then again I knew this when I bought the car and bought with the heart & not the head. Purchasing a far more practical car with all the anoying complaints that i have mentioned above ironed out would not have been any fun or for that fact be able to put a smile on may face every time i drive it. We have 2 other High end Euro cars with much more power, comfort, practicality, however for soem reason i always gravitate to the Volvo V40!
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